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Growing Marijuana

Now that marijuana is legal in many States in the US and other countries, it would be ideal to grow your own. Growing your own marijuana has a lot of advantages that you can’t probably get when purchasing. One would be you would know what fertilizers were used to grow that marijuana. Second would be, you will never run out of supplies. It can readily be available anytime you want.


But growing marijuana is not like growing any other kinds of plants. This is mainly because growing marijuana needs more caring that usual. But don’t let this discourage you, because this article from Danny Danko, will assist you in growing your marijuana in the easiest way possible:

From my observations based on traveling to cannabis fairs and pot gardens worldwide for many years, growing cannabis for personal use is on the rise as more people discover the virtues of creating their own “homegrown.” Police crackdowns push regular consumers away from the black market while economic downturns convince more of them to become self-sufficient smokers.

The same pressures have driven pot seed breeders and advanced cultivators to create new hybrids, growing techniques, and stealth products to stay one step ahead of the authorities.

The real secret is that growing cannabis for your own use is quite simple; provide the proper environment including lighting, nutrients, humidity, air movement and pest control, and the plants will produce many ounces for a small fraction of current prices. Continue reading here..

If you give your 100% best and determination, you will surely be able to cultivate your own marijuana at home.

Regulate What Already Exists To Control It

On the other hand, the deputy of Ciudadanos Noemi de la Calle has announced that her group shares the content of the law, but has indicated that some aspects can generate “frustrations” since the legalization of cannabis is “a national competition” and has joked with that “soon we will hear that Madrid will not let us smoke”.

The socialist deputy Raul Moreno has pointed out that “regulate what already exists is the best way to control it” and recalled that so far cannabis users did it in conditions of “legal and hygienic insecurity,” which “violated their rights.”

From Catalonia Yes That Is Pot, Albano Dante Fechlin has celebrated the law that “In ace from below like the marijuana plants,” and has asked to “keep alive the engine” of the ILP even though “it enters into conflict with other instances” like the TC.

The PP has voted against

Opposed has been the sense of the intervention of the famous Alberto Villagers, who has condemned that the law “try to regulate something that cannot be tolerated as the consumption of drugs” and has predicted a “short journey” to the text approved today. From the CUP, Serge Saladin has expressed that his group supports “the clear and full legalization of cannabis,” although he has not presented amendments because the law is the result of “an initiative that comes from the street,” and has concluded: “Viva Cataluña free and cannabis.”

The representative of the promoting commission of the ILP that has intervened before the plenary session of the chamber, David Martinez, has indicated that the approval of said legislation supposes “a firm step towards a more just and egalitarian society “and “it amends the historical error of prohibitionist policies on drugs. “